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An affordable alternative to traditional broadband services, when and where you need it.



What is it?

The ALVEA Services Satellite Broadband service utilises the HYLAS 1 satellite to provide an Internet connection anywhere within the UK & Ireland.

For those who live and work in remote areas where connectivity is poor or non-existent then this service provides you with a great alternative. With speeds of up to 15Mbps download and 3Mbps upload you can benefit from speeds that are traditionally found within towns and cities.

Core Features:

  • Always on broadband - All customers can achieve speeds of up to 15Mbps download and 3Mbps upload. A range of service plans are available to cover your data requirements.
  • Portable Antennas - There are a range of portable antennas that give you the ability to rapidly set up and use a broadband connection almost anywhere you can see the sky.
  • Pay as you go - For those who wish to deploy Satellite Broadband services for short periods of time, we offer you the ability to only pay for the data that you use. This payment plan is also beneficial for those wishing to deploy this service as a failover solution.

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How does it work?​

Utilising HYLAS 1's Ka-band technology ALVEA Services provide a Commercial Grade satellite Internet broadband solution that out performs the C and Ku-band satellites. This is because Ka-band operates at a higher frequency allowing for greater bandwidth communications and faster speeds.

ALVEA Services also use high end iDirect modems to connect to the service. This increases performance and allows for a greater number of users, giving businesses a resilient Satellite Broadband connection they can rely upon.

Fixed antenna installations
ALVEA Services will provide an accredited VSAT engineer to setup and align this for you. The engineer will ensure that the modem is working and that you have connection to the Internet before leaving site. At additional cost, we can also ensure that the connection is configured and working correctly with your own network infrastructure.

Portable antennas
The portable kit will be setup prior to shipping and you will be shown how to align the service yourself by one of the ALVEA Services engineers. The subsequent setups can be done in a matter of minutes as long as the dish is on stable ground, has line of sight to the satellite and access to power.

White Papers and Case Studies

Satellite Broadband Service Case Study

Why Buy?​

  • Connectivity anywhere within the UK & Ireland on HYLAS 1
  • Portable antennas available so that you can take your service anywhere
  • Hardware can be purchased upfront, monthly or it can be leased
  • UK based HUB so all data passes through the UK
  • Competitive pricing - monthly data plans from as little as £63 per month*
  • Available pay-as-you-go service from as little as £7.50 per GB
  • Backed by our UK based support centre

*12GB Basic service plan

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Telephone: +44 (0)1638 569 889