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Arrow’s Business Intelligence solutions transform data into business knowledge, allowing companies to extract more value out of information assets and to develop and implement strategies that can help identify and win new business.

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How Happy Is London?

Demonstrating best practice in Business Intelligence

How Happy Is London? is Arrow’s real-world example of tackling a Big Data challenge. In a scenario that everyone can relate to, we ask the question: How happy is London? We then display the ever-changing answer on a public website, using exciting, dynamic graphics.

The project is Arrow’s very own social and technological experiment and is intended to fuel the growing debate about the power of Big Data and large-scale analytics to improve business decision-making.

An up-to-the-minute snapshot of London’s happiness

Every day, we collect and mine 2.6 billion units of information from freely available, apparently unrelated sources, including:

  • Social – 200 Twitter keywords within the London area

  • Transport – road, tube, bus and rail networks, with delays and closures

  • Weather – Met Office forecasts giving weather type and temperature

How Happy Is London?

We then analyse the incoming data in real-time and generate a Happiness Indicator that shows the current level of happiness in the capital: from a base of ‘Business as usual’, through ‘Happy’ and ‘Life’s good’ to the optimum ‘On top of the world’.

The Happiness Indicator is refreshed from new data every 60 seconds, creating a picture of the city’s happiness that is literally right up to the minute.

A framework for Arrow channel partners

Our channel partners are the focus of the whole How Happy Is London? project. From showcasing the technologies available in the Arrow BI portfolio to making our algorithms open access for other projects, we’ve built an invaluable framework for delivering BI projects.

Working with Arrow, channel partners can help their customers to unlock the invaluable insight contained in huge volumes of data to improve their understanding of their customers, stay alert to rapidly changing operating conditions, and gain competitive advantage.

See the project in action

Visit our London office to see what’s possible using How Happy Is London? as a real example of BI at work. Book your appointment by emailing HHIL.ecs.uk@arrow.com or drop in to our London office.

You can also find more information online by visiting How Happy Is London? or exploring our BI solutions further.

Alternatively, please speak to your Arrow Account Manager or email HHIL.ecs.uk@arrow.com.