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Oracle Engineered Systems

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Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

The new Oracle Database Appliance provides breakthrough ease of deployment and management of a high availability database - all in a single box. It’s simple, reliable and affordable.

Oracle’s HA database system can provide customers with appliance-like ease of deployment, patching, diagnostics, support, and storage management. This eliminates the time, risk and costs normally associated with building a high availability solution in-house.

The Oracle Database Appliance delivers high availability database services for a wide range of applications. It offers customers unique pay-as-you-grow software licensing to seamlessly scale from 2 to 24 processor cores, without the cost and downtime usually associated with hardware upgrades. This lets customers save from £7K to £40K compared to competitors’ solutions. And, all hardware and software components are supported by a single vendor – Oracle

To download the Arrow ECS Sales Guide to the Oracle Data Appliance click here.

Oracle Exadata 

Over the past few years the growth in data volumes in BI and Data Warehouse infrastructures has become exponential, and has created the necessity for larger, faster and more intelligent I/O subsystems that will enable businesses to analyse these vast amounts of data, in excess of multiple terabytes, and thus gain a valuable competitive edge over their competition.

Traditional storage solutions suffer from fundamental architectural deficiencies such as scalability capabilities that will create I/O bottlenecks as data volumes increase and the need to analyse the data grows.

The Oracle Exadata Storage Server solves the data bandwidth bottleneck, even as the data volumes grow exponentially, and dramatically decreases your query response times. Faster queries allow you to run more queries, ask more questions and make better business decisions.

See the Oracle Exadata in action at Arrow ECS Oracle Exalabs in London at the Royal Exchange. 

Securing your customers data on Exadata

To learn more about securing your customers data on Exadata download the Arrow ECS Exalabs Safenet Demonstration Solution.