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 ExtraHop Networks from Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for ExtraHop Networks, a leading provider of network and Application Performance Management (APM) solutions.

The ExtraHop Application Delivery Assurance system is a real-time, passive network appliance that monitors and analyses every business-critical transaction from L2--L7 across network, web, database, and storage tiers, spanning physical and virtual environments. The massively scalable ExtraHop system combines the troubleshooting capabilities of Network Performance Managers with the superior application-level visibility of User Experience Monitors to perform sophisticated network-traffic analysis.

While many tools rely on legacy technologies such as NetFlow collection, SNMP polling, custom performance agents, or active service checks, the ExtraHop system performs full-stream reassembly and full-content analysis to extract and archive valuable performance and health metrics in a real-time datastore.

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Who is ExtraHop?​

A privately held company founded in 2007 by F5 Networks veterans Jesse Rothstein and Raja Mukerji, the lead architects of F5's TMOS platform and BIG-IP product line, ExtraHop is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

ExtraHop won best of Interop 2010 for ‘Best Product in Network Management, Monitoring and Testing’.

With customers including Microsoft, Pixar, Alaska Airlines, Continental Airlines, McAfee, and Kayak.com, spanning a wide range of industry verticals the ExtraHop solutions provide real-time analysis of applications to improve customer experience and quality of service while reducing IT costs.


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