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Arellia Company Profile

Arellia provides industry leading security and compliance solutions for the Altiris/Symantec Management Platform, specialising in securing application usage and passwords.

Arellia has been an OEM supplier of Application Control Solution and Local Security Solution to Symantec for the Altiris Platform since 2005. In 2009 Arellia became an SDK Platform Provider for Symantec Corp. Arellia Local Security Solution and Arellia Application Control Solution are both available for purchase from Symantec through Symantec's third party price list.

Solutions Overview

Arellia offers a suite of Windows endpoint security solutions that allow you to protect your endpoints while not sacrificing user productivity.

Local Security Solution provides centralised management that quickly and easily provisions and manages local administrative users and groups within the environment.

Application Control Solution software provides administrators with a policy-driven mechanism for identifying the software programs running on computers under management, and controlling the running of software programs at execution.

Endpoint Security Remediation Suitecombines three integrated security solutions. Local Security Solution and Application Control Solution listed above while adding Security Analysis Solution which provides desktop compliance and remediation through assessment, deviation detection and auto-remediation to security standards.

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