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Biomni Company Profile

Biomni has seen a a gradual shift in its focus from conventional “e-procurement” to what is today provided as end-to-end Request Management. The e-procurement capabilities remain, but they simply represent one of the many Request Types supported.

Biomni is strategically placed within the solution portfolios of leading global service providers including Unisys Corporation, EDS, Dell, and continues to play a vital role within the Computacenter managed service offering.

The Biomni Service Catalog and Request Management solution is available in three editions.

Front Office Express provides the foundation Service Catalog and self service functionality with request forms and approval. With point-and-click configuration, services can be managed by service owners within a version controlled lifecycle, published to targeted customers and employees, and linked to request forms with approval routing rules.

Front Office Enterprise adds request fulfillment and SLA functionality, allowing requests to be orchestrated across multiple fulfillment systems and teams following approval. Service delivery performance metrics can be defined, measured and reported through traffic light icons and notifications.

Front Office Service Provider adds multi-client support, both via a shared services console that includes a client dashboard, and a reusable process and SLA library that allows standards to be defined once before being applied to multiple clients.

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