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Partner with Arrow, the UK’s most powerful security provider. Uniting the strengths of Computerlinks and Arrow has created a new force in the marketplace.

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The impact of the tradtional model

The FireEye Continous Threat Protection Process


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"FireEye offers a winning combination of technology, intelligence and expertise to safeguard your customer’s business. IDC ranks FireEye at #1 in the specialised threat analysis and protection market."

John Dams, Managing Director - Networking & Security



Arrow and FireEye – Protection before, during and after a breach

A signature-less based platform that protects against known and unknown threats


FireEye offers a unique level of expertise to help your customers to detect, prevent, analyse and respond to both known and never-before-seen cyber attacks.

FireEye is at the forefront in innovating against advanced persistent threats (APTs), data breaches and zero-day attacks, maintaining its leadership in combating internal and external threats.

It’s a startling fact that 100% of victims have up-to-date anti-virus signatures (source: Mandiant). That’s why FireEye does not rely on signature-based defences.

Your customers want answers, not alerts. Acting as an extension of your customer’s in-house security team, FireEye experts can equip them to respond quickly and confidently to protect their intellectual property and avoid making the worst kind of headlines. FireEye as a Service can monitor networks for threats around the clock and provide an action plan to handle a ‘confirmed compromise’.

Impact of Traditional Model FireEye Continous Threat Prevention Process 


Which customers would benefit?

FireEye technology and services are already protecting organisations ranging from the traditional mid-enterprise to large corporates and national governments.

Why Arrow?

Arrow supports our channel partners with a strong team of fully certified FireEye engineers, business development managers and consultants. From organising a pre-sales demo to filling gaps in your technical resources, we’re here to help.

Together, Arrow and FireEye can assist your customers in selecting the right blend of industry-leading technology, real-time threat intelligence and expertise in the form of consultancy services.

Find out if FireEye is right for your customer base

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