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Partner with Arrow, the UK’s most powerful security provider. Uniting the strengths of Computerlinks and Arrow has created a new force in the marketplace.

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Arrow and Gigamon – Transforming security through pervasive visibility
Bringing networking and security together

No single security tool can do everything. The Gigamon Security Delivery Platform – the first in the industry – provides the essential ‘glue’ to link together an ecosystem of leading vendor data security and encryption products, with easy management from a single location. In doing so, it enables a strategic approach to managing point solutions implemented over time and makes the world’s most effective security tools even stronger.

Gigamon taps into the network at strategic points, copies the data and works in a separate environment. Threats are identified, isolated and eliminated before they can do any damage. Given that a threat has probably already occurred, Gigamon also supports the use of rich forensics.

Without Gigamon, organisations combatting a rising tide of malware and advanced persistent threats (undetected long-term hacks) face lengthy, costly downtime on essential production networks.

Which customers would benefit?

Gigamon is used by organisations that have more to lose from a security breach, such as major banks, consumer technology companies, telecoms and large government organisations. 75% of the Fortune 100 has Gigamon in place.

Why Arrow?

Channel partners benefit from Arrow’s close alliance with Gigamon to receive proactive support at every stage of the sales cycle.

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