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Stonesoft Company Profile

Stonesoft is a global network security company, in business since 1990, with operations in USA, EMEA and Asia and a customer base in more than 60 countries world-wide. Stonesoft customers include enterprises with growing business needs requiring advanced network security and always-on business connectivity.

The Stonesoft physical product range includes next generation Firewalls/VPNs, IPSs and SSL VPN appliances, designed for different sized organisations. All Stonesoft solutions deliver high throughput performance and world-leading defense against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs).

But… based on the highly adaptable Security Engine platform, Stonesoft customers can choose how they want to deploy their security – be it hardware, software or virtual.

All Stonesoft solutions are software-based and deliver rock solid, military-grade security. They also ensure high network availability, context awareness, and unparalleled administration via the Stonesoft Management Center

One example of a Stonesoft service that is unique in the global marketplace is Evader, the ready-made AET test lab that is proving to be unpopular with competitors. The problem is that Evader lets you self-test your security appliances in real-world conditions. For customers that have read about appliances’ 100% test scores, only to find out that a simple evasion can easily bypass their fully configured device, an Evader test offers vital knowledge – but also highlights the fundamentally flawed nature of security solutions that do not use data stream normalisation and full stack deep packet inspection.

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