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Partner with Arrow, the UK’s most powerful security provider. Uniting the strengths of Computerlinks and Arrow has created a new force in the marketplace.

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Thales & Vormetric

A Unified Platform: Better, Faster, Stronger

Thales e-Security + Vormetric have combined to form the leading global data protection and digital trust management company. Together, they enable companies to compete confidently and quickly by securing data at-rest, in-motion, and in-use to effectively deliver secure and compliant solutions with the highest levels of management, speed and trust across physical, virtual and cloud environments. By deploying their leading solutions and services, targeted attacks are thwarted, and sensitive data risk exposure is reduced with the least business disruption and at the lowest life cycle cost.

About Thales e-Security

Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of digital trust management and data protection solutions that protect the world’s most sensitive applications and information. Thales solutions address identity and privacy related challenges with hardware and software-based encryption, digital signature, and management capabilities. In today’s increasingly connected world, our solutions help thwart today’s targeted attacks and reduce the risk of sensitive data exposure introduced by cloud computing and virtualization, consumer devices in the workplace, increased mobility, big data, and more.

About Vormetric

Vormetric technology pinpoints what is happening to data: who’s accessing and using it and where? With the Vormetric Data Security Platform in place in place, organisations are better able to protect themselves against internal breaches, the ever-present spectre of the privileged user who diverts data. It ensures that any compromised data has no value whatsoever.

Encryption is at the heart of Vormetric technology, but it encompasses so much more. It’s a platform that allows customers to configure the right solutions for their business, providing a strong safety-net against the inevitable.


Which customers would benefit?

Thales is not for everyone. It’s mid-enterprise technology aimed at organisations with several thousands of users, in sectors such as finance, research, legal or pharmaceuticals. It will appeal to Chief Security Officers with an appetite for innovation, those prepared to invest in protecting valuable and sensitive corporate data assets.

Why Arrow?

Arrow is the only distributor in the UK & Ireland to take Thales to the channel. We provide every support to a select group of channel partners to help them profile and qualify opportunities and access the flexible programme of support provided by Thales.