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Partner with Arrow, the UK’s most powerful security provider. Uniting the strengths of Computerlinks and Arrow has created a new force in the marketplace.

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ThinPrint from Arrow ECS

ThinPrint, a brand of Cortado, is the leading enterprise print optimisation solution distributed by Arrow ECS in the UK and Ireland. Products range from innovative print management solutions for distributed network environments, solutions for the virtual desktop environment market to confidential printing and some of the first true cloud based print management tools. High-quality fast printouts, reduced administration costs, optimised security and full control of the entire print environment result in significant cost savings.

Cortado links mobile, web and virtual desktops to centralised IT resources in a highly efficient, secure and manageable way, seamlessly integrating home offices, mobile employees including those with tablets and complete branch offices into existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to its Virtual Desktop Processes technology, Cortado offers desktop functionality customised for any cloud connected device and leading print management for enterprise environments.

For tablets, smartphones and web connected devices, Cortado securely delivers desktop experiences in the look and feel of each device. Cortado brings together the usability and speed of new mobile devices as well as the power and security of central IT infrastructure.
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Why partner with Arrow ECS and ThinPrint, a brand of Cortado?​
Cortado offer a range of solutions to deliver optimised printing in server-based and distributed network structures. These products are well established, tried and tested and used in the most diverse application scenarios by customers around the globe.

By partnering with Cortado you will be supported to successfully market the solutions to new and existing customers. Marketing, sales support, and services such as consulting services, are all available exclusively to partners. Cortado are 100% committed to the channel and supporting their partners to maximise their revenue selling Cortado solutions.