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Partner with Arrow, the UK’s most powerful security provider. Uniting the strengths of Computerlinks and Arrow has created a new force in the marketplace.

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Complete Security Solutions with Trend Micro

Trend Micro helps customers minimise risk, and maximise investments. With over 25 years focused on bringing security software to the market, they have helped drive business opportunities through ongoing innovation and collaborating with like-minded vendors to offer market-leading solutions.

Why Arrow ECS and Trend Micro?

Arrow ECS and Trend Micro work together to bring complete security solutions for the modern data centre and cloud.  Arrow ECS is a true value-add distributor, working in unison with Trend Micro and our partners to generate more opportunities and accelerate the sales cycle and win business.
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Trend Micro's Solutions:

  • Hybrid Cloud Security - ensuring the security and compliance structures of any hybrid cloud, allowing for continuity and seamless delivery.
  • Network Defence - fast acting and effective responses, threats are detcted and analysed before they take hold of your data centre.
  • User Protection - flexibility and scalability to protect all end users on any application, any device, anywhere.

Working with Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS has the expertise to grow your Trend Micro business, but what's more, is that we have the skills and resources to help develop, challenge and propel businesses forward. We support our partners continuously through a range of services:

  • Access to marketing advice, enablement and funding. Sign up to Arrow on The Hub and receive the latest, news, information, promotions and events by vendor or by business area.
  • Anytime access to leading Arrow Support Services, pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team
  • World-class event and demonstration facilities located across the UK
  • In-house telephone support contracts available
  • Pre-sales, consultancy and training available across the whole portfolio. Click here for more information
  • Quoting tools and vendor aligned renewals specialists to help maximise your revenues quarterly promotions to help you sell more effectively 

To become a Trend Micro Partner or transition your business to Arrow ECS, please contact the Security Sales team on 01638 569600 or email squotes@arrowecs.co.uk