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Servers form an essential component in building a resilient IT platform that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Drawing on an expanding, world-class portfolio, we incorporate server-based products into integrated solutions to address critical business issues.

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About Fujitsu

Since their creation over 75 years ago, Fujitsu have combined a collaborative approach with a true spirit of innovation. By developing long term relationships with their customers and partners, Fujitsu have helped organisations to shape their use of technology in a way that benefits them, the customers they serve and the society in which they operate.

Server Solutions Overview

Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers

Continuing budget pressures and a constant need for greater business agility, requires smarter ways to increase efficiency. Based on industry standard architectures, Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers are the best answer to the do-more-with-less challenge. By helping organisations improve operational efficiency, Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers pay for themselves over and over again.


Fujitsu PRIMERGY micro servers

Uncomplicated, reliable and affordable

Fujitsu PRIMERGY micro servers are just what smaller organisations need. They provide a solid, scalable and affordable platform on which to base file, web or print services. Fujitsu PRIMERGY micro servers deliver outstanding levels of server reliability and efficiency at a very keen price.

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Fujitsu PRIMERGY tower servers

Efficient, rock-solid, with record breaking performance

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX industry standard tower servers deliver industry-leading performance while addressing the issues of environmental impact and reducing running costs. The PRIMERGY TX tower series provides a range of server options depending on the user’s requirements and budget, with plenty of scope for expansion. All models are also available in rack-mountable form if required.

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Fujitsu PRIMERGY rack servers

Energy efficient, reliability and optimised for virtualisation

Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX Rack Servers are the perfect platform to build-up dynamic infrastructures for business processes both today and in the future. Built upon industry standards, PRIMERGY RX rack servers will meet, and exceed, the challenges of cost efficiencies, and with optimal operating costs and long-term usability, they will also comply with the IT quality levels required by your customers.

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Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade servers

Performance, increased agility and major cost reduction

The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX range of blade servers, deliver outstanding value to the end user in all these key areas. They provide significant economic advantages for a large and growing number of applications and offer the reliability, flexibility and performance your customers need to achieve their business objectives.

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Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX cloud servers

Performance, economical and designed for the cloud

Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX cloud servers deliver an innovative scale-out cloud server infrastructure platform that simultaneously solves all the key challenges for large enterprises and their cloud, hosting or HPC datacenter strategies. It enables organisations to scale by packaging 38 industry standard x86 server nodes, into a dedicated datacenter rack unit with shared cooling architecture and low footprint.

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