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Servers form an essential component in building a resilient IT platform that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Drawing on an expanding, world-class portfolio, we incorporate server-based products into integrated solutions to address critical business issues.

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Procurri Pre-Owned Enterprise Technology from Arrow ECS

Maximising IT budgets through the deployment of Pre-Owned Enterprise Technology

In today’s highly competitive market organisations are constantly challenged to achieve more whilst reducing expenditure. This is a huge problem when deploying information technology and CIOs are at the forefront of achieving cost reductions whilst increasing performance and maintaining service delivery levels.

Successful executives realise the benefits of purchasing pre-owned enterprise technology, including speed of delivery, significantly lower cost of ownership and system performance.

Who will benefit most from refurbished technology?

Any organisation deploying enterprise technology would benefit. By purchasing pre-owned equipment at significant discounts compared to the price of new equipment, companies are able to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership. As the equipment has already depreciated in value the company can also boost their overall return on investment.

Pre-owned equipment offers the same performance and reliability, with the added benefits of speed of implementation and compatibility with existing systems, as new equipment does. Pre-owned equipment is available for the following major vendors: HP, IBM, Cisco and EMC.


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