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SDX is the future of IT deployment. Arrow’s software defined data centre solutions make IT services or commodities a shared, automated resource that can seamlessly scale based on demand.

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Ipanema Solutions 

Ipanema’s Autonomic Networking System™ (ANS) enables any large organisation to gain full control and optimisation of all applications over its global network, including evolutions to private and public cloud computing. ANS empowers your enterprise with WAN Governance to manage your network from a business perspective and automatically adapt applications delivery and performance to ongoing infrastructure transformations. By using ANS to implement WAN Governance, your enterprise can perform today while taking control of tomorrow.


  • Enable Cloud-Ready Network

    Using WAN Governance, you fully control and optimise all applications over your global network, turning your VPN into a cloud-ready network. You can successfully migrate to Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 and any others private and public cloud applications while postponing bandwidth upgrades by two to four years and reducing your network budget.

  • Guarantee User Experience

    Ipanema ANS is self-learning, self-adapting and self-healing. Its real-time adaptation to any application traffic change provides an unprecedented ability to guarantee end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) with critical business applications, regardless of traffic or application mix.

  • Accelerate Business Applications

    Through state-of-the-art WAN Optimisation, Ipanema dramatically reduce application response times for end users while automatically controlling traffic in real time. 


  • Unify Hybrid Networks

    With Dynamic WAN Selection technology, hybrid [MPLS + Internet] networks become flexible assets that any enterprise can rely on for cost effective business communications.


  • Save on IT Costs

    Enterprise WANs are pivotal to executing successful business strategies. Ipanema ANS improves applications performance and continuity, increases users’ productivity and customer’s satisfaction while substantially reducing IT and network costs, enabling enterprises to leverage their WAN for greater competitive advantage.  

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