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SDX is the future of IT deployment. Arrow’s software defined data centre solutions make IT services or commodities a shared, automated resource that can seamlessly scale based on demand.

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SimpliVity from Arrow ECS

Powering the Modern IT Environment

SimpliVity provides the best of both worlds for today’s virtualised data centres: the scale, agility, efficiency and economics of cloud infrastructure with the performance, protection and manageability of enterprise IT. SimpliVity’s data architecture, delivered on commodity x86 building blocks, helps organisations realise three times the amount of total cost of ownership savings. Deploying a network of two or more OmniCubes creates a global federation that facilitates efficient data movement, resource sharing and scalability.

OmniStack is the core technology within OmniCubeTM, the world's only globally federated and hyper-converged infrastructure platform. OmniCube is a powerful data center building block that assimilates the core functions of server, storage and networking in addition to a wide range of advanced functionality including: native VM-level backup, WAN optimisation, bandwidth efficient replication for DR, cache accelerated performance, and cloud integration. OmniCube systems scale up in the data center to meet the performance and capacity requirements of any environment, and scale out globally to enable IT teams to elegantly move and protect the virtual machines and their data across the OmniCube Global Federation.

SimpliVity's OmniStackTM, is a revolutionary data architecture that empowers IT teams to easily deploy scalable pools of x86 resources for the virtualised environment, and delivers the world's most efficient and functionally rich IT infrastructure.

The OmniStack solutions incorporate 3 unique core innovations:
  • Virtual Resource Assimilator: A single software stack that assimilates the functionality of multiple traditional IT infrastructure products into a single shared x86 resource pool
  • Data Virtualisation Engine: A novel data architecture where all data is compressed, deduplicated and optimised at inception, in line with no impact to application performance.
  • Global Federated Architecture: An intelligent network of collaborative systems that provide massive scale-out as well as a VM-centric single point of management
SimpliVity’s OmniCube is the industry’s first truly assimilated platform family, designed and optimised for the VM environment. Delivered as a simple 2U block, OmniCube encompasses all of the requisite IT infrastructure features and functionality, automated and dedicated to servicing the VMs. Below are some of the key features that come with OmniCube:
  • VM Centric: Provides VM-centric Management in order to simplify deploying and managing the virtual infrastructure, so IT teams can now manage their VMs instead of the underlying infrastructure.
  • Globally Unified Management: Offers Global Unified Management across all the OmniCube systems, wherever they may be, to be managed from a Single Point of Management in the vSphere Client.
  • Simple, Extensive Scale Out: At its core, OmniCube is a simple, atomic IT building block providing core server and storage resources to serve the VM environment
  • Bandwidth Efficient Replication for DR: Delivers a simple but powerful Disaster Recovery solution to the virtual admin. Replication can occur between any two datacenters within a Federation as well as to the Cloud.
  • Global Deduplication and Compression: At the core of the OmniCube data architecture is an advanced real-time Data Virtualisation Engine™ - a new data architecture, whereby all data is deduplicated, compressed, and optimised at inception, inline, fast, with no impact to performance
  • Public Cloud Integration: The Cloud is a significant part of the IT infrastructure today, and as such is a core attribute of OmniCube.