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SDX is the future of IT deployment. Arrow’s software defined data centre solutions make IT services or commodities a shared, automated resource that can seamlessly scale based on demand.

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Why Choose Veeam and Arrow ECS?

Arrow ECS is ideally placed to support the development of your Veeam business. Working closely with Veeam Software, we provide access to their full range of solutions and services. The aim of our approach is to partner for value, growth and success. You can benefit from a distribution partner committed to investing for our mutual success and profitability.

Other reasons to choose Arrow ECS and Veeam:

  • Regular update training events and accreditation workshops

  • Dedicated business development resource

  • Local marketing support and assistance with planning, requesting funding and executing demand generation campaigns

  • Local Quote and Configuration support

  • Exclusive access to all our sales, marketing and technical tools and guides via the online partner portal, Virtual Marketing Manager. Visit www.arrowecsvmm.co.uk to register or login.

Use the Arrow Solution Station to explore Veeam:

To find out more about how you can transition your Veeam business through Arrow ECS, please contact our Sales team:

T: 0800 983 2525
E: sales.ecs.uk@arrow.com