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SDX is the future of IT deployment. Arrow’s software defined data centre solutions make IT services or commodities a shared, automated resource that can seamlessly scale based on demand.

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VMware and Arrow together, have the market leading proposition in helping transition data centres of the future. We can help accelerate the transition to building a fully operational Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) as well as adapting the workplace for complete mobility, whilst preserving existing investments, improving control and security and delivering return on investment. VMware’s winning portfolio is made up of:

Compute Virtualisation

vSphere is the most deployed virtualisation platform worldwide with over 500,000 customers to date. By tagging on Operations Management software (vSOM), clients will benefit from the increased visibility on IT infrastructures and higher efficiency, whilst supporting business growth plans.

Software Defined Storage

Pair vSAN with vSOM and clients have the market leader in Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI). HCI brings high performance and scalability, whilst reducing the cost of ownership.

Software Defined Networking

With NSX’s micro-segmentation, clients can scale up their security from inside the data centre, helping to contain, if not avoid, breaches. They will also have the power to automatically deploy security policies to VMs with complete flexibility and scalability.

End User Compute and Mobility

From VMware Horizon delivering virtualised and remote desktops and applications to end users, to AirWatch providing award winning mobile device management, VMware offers several solutions to enable businesses with the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Hybrid and Public Cloud

VMware simplifies and makes cloud accessible to the market and through the focused programme VMware vCloud Air Network (vCAN), helps partners either build a vCloud Air environment which can be provisioned and hosted as a service to their clients through a monthly subscription plan or, help clients directly build their own vCloud Air environment.


Working with Arrow ECS

Arrow is VMware’s largest distribution partner in the UK. We are proud to have worked with VMware for many years and have the expertise and knowledge to support the development and growth of your VMware business through a wide range of support:

  • Anytime access to leading Arrow Support Services, pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team

  • Access to marketing advice, enablement and funding

  • Fast track through VMware Competency and Accreditation achievement

  • Access to Authorised VMware Training from Arrow Education Services

  • World-class event and demonstration facilities located across the UK

  • Opportunity to be part of our unique Partner for Growth Programme

  • Unique expertise building cloud services through the VMware Service Provider Program and leveraging the ArrowSphere platform

Become a Partner

If you’re looking to transition your VMware business to Arrow, contact our team on 0118 913 0690 or email vteam@arrowecs.co.uk  You’ll quickly have everything in place to take advantage of all we have to offer and start generating business.