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Nimble Storage from Arrow ECS

A fresh approach to storage

Nimble solutions are built to eliminate the compromise among performance, capacity, ease of use, and price. Nimble’s patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) is the first storage architecture designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate SSDs with high-capacity disks, delivering affordable performance, integrated backup and disaster recovery, and stress-free operations.
Based on Nimble’s breakthrough CASL™ architecture, CS-Series arrays give enterprises the functionality, performance, and capacity of three primary storage and one backup devices in a single solution.
The Nimble CS-Series delivers the following benefits:
  • Flash-Accelerated Primary Storage Performance
    Intelligent flash memory management and application-optimised performance profiles significantly accelerate I/O and reduce latency, making Nimble CS-Series arrays ideal for demanding primary storage applications such as Microsoft Exchange, business-critical databases, and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Instant Backups and Restores
    High-density drives and 20x capacity optimisation enable cost-effective retention of up to 90 days of backups on a single array. There’s no need to move data to or from tape or other backup media, so backups and restores can be performed in seconds.
  • Application-Integrated Data Protection
    Nimble Protection Manager (NPM) manages application-consistent backups for all application data residing on Nimble arrays, plus VM system-consistent backups and replicas for virtualised environments. With NPM, data can be instantly restored from any available backup, accelerating and simplifying application recovery.
  • Fast Offsite Disaster Recovery
    Nimble makes disaster recovery fast and cost-effective for every enterprise. Nimble’s DR solution is enabled by highly WAN-efficient replication to an offsite Nimble array, making it up to 20x faster than typical SAN replication.
  • Dramatically Simplified Management
    Designed for the IT generalist, an intuitive UI eliminates the complexity of managing separate storage, backup, and disaster recovery devices. Using predefined application and data protection policies, new volumes can be created and protected in just three simple steps.
  • Unparalleled Reliability
    Nimble Storage arrays are designed from the ground up to deliver the reliability and high availability that today’s business-critical applications demand. All Nimble arrays feature fully redundant hardware components, plus high-availability software and support features such as comprehensive checksums, proactive data scrubbing, autosupport (email home), and hardware monitoring.
  • Lower Capex
    By eliminating high-RPM drives and separate disk-based backup devices, Nimble Storage slashes infrastructure costs, energy consumption, and rack space requirements. Enterprises can reduce capex versus the cost of multiple-component solutions from existing storage vendors.

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