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Data storage presents a dilemma: how to ensure availability and compliance, without sending costs soaring? We offer affordable solutions to turn escalating data volumes into valuable corporate intelligence.

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“Data privacy and security have never been more important to European enterprises as they are challenged to deliver new, modern solutions to store, share and protect files,”

David Darmon - Vice President of sales, Europe for CTERA

“With CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform, Arrow now has a powerful tool for its solution providers to capture enterprise modernisation projects as well as develop new and profitable managed services revenue streams,”

Jesper Trolle - Vice President North West Europe and APAC

“CTERA’s technology and service are elegant, easy and fast to deploy, flexible and cost-effective"

All-in-One Storage

Deliver backup, storage and file-sharing with a single appliance

In today's highly mobilised world, it’s a struggle to balance user demands for simplicity and productivity with organisational requirements for privacy and security.

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Arrow has partnered with CTERA to offer innovative all-in-one storage appliances, perfectly suited for enterprise customers replacing multiple technologies in a single, affordable footprint. The appliances are centrally managed, saving time and money with reduced admin and support overhead, and boast healthy margins with recurring revenue.

Introducing CTERA Networks all-in-one enterprise Storage Appliance. The solution designed for backup, file sharing, mobile file access and disaster recovery all wrapped up in a single, attractively-priced solution.

 Local Backup

For laptops, desktops and servers at file- and disk-level ("bare metal") in a single solution

 File Sharing

Share and manage files locally with NAS protocols like CIFS, NFS, and AFP

 Mobile Access

Access and share files securely on tablets and smartphones

 Cloud Replication

Integrated on-demand offsite data
replication for disaster recovery

CTERA solutions eliminate the costs associated with file servers, backup servers and tape drives by combining performance of local storage and resilience of the cloud. This combination offers cloud-based solutions with modern file storage, collaboration and data protection enabling enterprise IT to provide secure file services from any cloud.

CTERA 5.0, the company’s newest version of its enterprise file services platform, is the first and only data services platform to address the continuum of data creation, collaboration, and protection across the enterprise. It places IT in firm control of all organisational data with a single, unified solution for data storage, sync, and protection.

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