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Data storage presents a dilemma: how to ensure availability and compliance, without sending costs soaring? We offer affordable solutions to turn escalating data volumes into valuable corporate intelligence.

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Fujitsu Eternus Storage Management

Since their creation over 75 years ago, Fujitsu have combined a collaborative approach with a true spirit of innovation. By developing long term relationships with their customers and partners, Fujitsu have helped organisations to shape their use of technology in a way that benefits them, the customers they serve and the society in which they operate.

For more than 40 years Fujitsu has been developing disk storage systems for business-critical environments, while following a long term product strategy with ETERNUS. Flexibility and data safety are the key principles that guided the design of the Fujitsu storage portfolio: ETERNUS DX is the flexible data safe!

The Fujitsu ETERNUS portfolio offers the full spectrum of online and backup storage. These range from simple entry arrays to high-performance enterprise class SAN and backup systems.


For companies requiring maximum reliability and availability, Fujitsu SAN storage systems are complemented by a full range of advanced storage management functions.

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Safeguard your business critical data with Fujitsu's high-capacity LTO Ultrium tape drives built for mid to large-scale systems. High-reliability tape libraries support multiple servers from a single cabinet for maximum flexibility, ease of installation and simplified management.

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The ETERNUS CS data protection appliances offer outstanding data protection for dynamic infrastructures. ETERNUS CS minimises backup times and fulfills the recovery time objectives for all business critical environments.

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