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Data storage presents a dilemma: how to ensure availability and compliance, without sending costs soaring? We offer affordable solutions to turn escalating data volumes into valuable corporate intelligence.

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Symantec – Confidence in a connected world

IT creates opportunities past generations could only dream of – new business models, new markets, and new ways to connect with employees, partners, suppliers, and customers. But the same IT systems that connect us in more ways than ever also expose us to risk.

Is our information secure enough? Are we compliant with policies and regulations? Will the systems we depend on remain available? If our systems go down – how quickly can we recover? And how much data will we lose? As businesses depend more and more on IT systems, these are just a few of the questions on the minds of today’s IT leaders.

IT complexity adds additional challenges. Driven by explosive data growth, heterogeneous platforms, and fragmented operations, IT complexity increases risk exposure, hampers productivity, and creates potential for waste.


Meeting the challenge

Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software, enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence in a connected world. The company helps customers protect their infrastructure, information and interactions by delivering software and services that address risks to security, availability, compliance and performance. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif. Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries.

Symantec is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of risk and complexity. We secure and manage the world’s information through advanced technology, expert resources, and unparalleled insight into the global threat landscape.

We also offer unique opportunities to reduce complexity by standardising and automating software and processes for managing heterogeneous environments. Standardisation ensures that the same processes are followed every time, and is the first step towards automation. Automation cuts manual operations and increases span of control so resources yield maximum performance.

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