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Data storage presents a dilemma: how to ensure availability and compliance, without sending costs soaring? We offer affordable solutions to turn escalating data volumes into valuable corporate intelligence.

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Tintri from Arrow ECS

Tintri builds smart storage that sees, learns and adapts, enabling IT organisations to focus on virtualised applications and business services instead of managing storage infrastructure. Tintri application-aware storage eliminates planning and complex troubleshooting by providing VM-level visibility, control, insight and agility. Tintri powers hundreds of thousands of virtual machines running business critical databases, enterprise apps, desktops and mobile apps, and private cloud deployments. Tintri helps global enterprises such as AMD, F5 Networks, GE, NEC, NTT, MillerCoors and Time Warner maximise their virtualisation and cloud investments.

Tintri built smart application-aware storage that sees, learns, and adapts to help IT organisations focus on virtualised applications, instead of managing storage infrastructure. After all, applications drive the business and infrastructure exists to support the apps. This means it’s far more important for the IT teams to focus on performance, QoS, speed to deployment, and scalability of apps – instead of just managing the storage infrastructure.

With Tintri you can:

• Eliminate cost overruns from having to over-provision storage. Put an end to storage sprawl, saving space, power, and cooling costs.
• Don’t be held back by your storage, virtualise as much as you want.
• Leave complexity behind and automate repetitive and tedious tasks. Why manage LUNs, volumes, tiers and other complicated storage constructs when you could be managing VMs?
• Empower troubleshooting. Nothing will be lost in translation any more. Your storage, which understands virtualisation, will know exactly where the performance bottlenecks are.
• Support BYOD. Bring your laptops, tablets, other thin devices, or good old desktops along. Your storage will be ready for the challenge.

The time is right for a new generation of storage. Smart application-aware storage that’s simple to manage, agile like the cloud, responsive to the needs of applications, and delivers performance that puts plain old disks to shame.

An unmatched combination of performance and visibility for your most demanding applications 

The T5000 separates itself from the all-flash pack because it’s VM-aware. That means you never manage LUNs and volumes, only what matters to your organization—virtual machines. Take every storage action (clone, replicate, snapshot, manage QoS and analyze) at the VM level and keep storage simple.

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