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Helping transform the way we look at technology, ourselves and the world.

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Arrow Corporate Social Responsibility

Arrow drives innovation that makes the world a better place. We endeavour to make a difference to people’s everyday lives, education, and futures however we are able to.

For us CSR is more than charitable gestures, rather a business strategy, allowing us to support a wide and varied community of different organisations that are just as committed to being ‘Five Years Out’ as we are.

It is our aim to change people’s lives for the better, leveraging our expertise and understanding of our industry to open up the new opportunities that are made possible today by technology.

Arrow’s financial contributions towards our CSR strategy extend to organisations all over the world that share both our values and vision. Visit our global CSR site for further information.

Arrow Forward

At Arrow, we embrace the potential for technology to change lives, shift perspectives and generate new opportunities. And examples are all around us.

Projects like modifying a race car to be safely driven at speed using just the head movements and breath from a quadriplegic driver. Transforming cargo containers into fully-equipped classrooms and health clinics to be used across Africa. Engineering sensors that help dairy farmers better manage livestock health and optimise milk production.

Arrow is helping clients guide innovation forward, helping transform the way we look at technology, ourselves and the world:

  • Our Semi-Autonomous Motorcar (SAM) project gave our partner Sam Schmidt the opportunity to once again experience the thrill of race-car driving, after having been severely disabled 16 years ago. Former IndyCar racer and quadriplegic Sam Schmidt first drove the modified racecar around the track during the 2014 Indianapolis 500 festivities, becoming the first person with quadriplegia to drive a racecar at high speed. He’s since topped speeds of 150 mph in the car and drove it at high-altitude Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.
  • We work very closely with Close the Gap, a non-profit organisation who aim to address the digital divide by distributing refurbished computers and technologies to developing countries, and have very recently launched the DigiTruck programme with them in Africa; a mobile classroom that operates remotely and acts as a digital education centre.
  • We helped a dairy farmer who had an idea for an automatic temperature monitoring system. A pill that would stay in a cow’s stomach for life, wirelessly transmit their temperature and give the farmer the knowledge needed to save both their lives and money. Arrow partnered the farmer with a global network of world-class technology suppliers and the pill was developed providing alerts by text or email when a cow gets sick. And the farmer isn’t just using it on his cows. He now has a system that he has successfully sold around the world, across industries.

Find out more by visiting our Forward site or YouTube.

We believe in Five Years Out. We believe in better.

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