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Cloud Optimisation and Visibility Brought Together By One Solution.

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Introducing Arrow ARM

Enterprises are increasingly using cloud services to develop and deploy new applications, to host migrated applications, and to create hybrid cloud architectures with modular, distributed applications.

This is not surprising because there are so many benefits to using public cloud services. However, cloud adoption still comes with  risks that include loss of visibility and control over performance as well as the challenge of managing complex networks stretching from the enterprise to a cloud, across cloud regions, and between cloud vendors.

To realise the many benefits of public cloud  services, enterprises need integrated solutions that provide complete performance awareness of applications and make optimal use of network resources.

If you are looking for:

  • A single click and automatic Internet VPN connectivity from customers’ sites into Azure
  • A solution which enables to optimize applications hosted in Azure
  • An End User Experience monitoring solution and integrated workflow to rapidly identify root causes

...Arrow ARM is the solution.

What is ARM?

Arrow has brought Riverbed and Microsoft (Azure) technology together to create a unique solution using the very best of breed technology in the marketplace.

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