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Today’s customer expects you to know them. To make suggestions, to meet their needs, to know what they want. And in today’s multi-channel world they expect this all day, every day, on every device.

They hand over their data with an unspoken agreement that you’ll use it well. That you’ll improve your service and anticipate their wants and desires, almost before they know what they are.

It’s estimated that we create over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. That includes customer data: purchases, web visits, mobile app interactions, social media posts, “liked” ads, and more.. In fact the levels of unstructured data from the Internet, social media, voice and connected devices can be overwhelming. No human could possibly make sense of it all.

These days a lack of data isn’t a problem - it’s making sense of what you have. How do you create a picture of your customer in this omni-channel world?

It’s important to focus on making the sense of the data you have. Consider finding insight, behaviours and patterns, not adding more. This is where Watson’s cognitive learning can be a game changer.

When you unleash the power of Watson, you deepen customer connections, grow brand value and fuel strategic growth. Illuminating new insights from data that others can’t even see helps every campaign become stronger and more successful. For all your customers. Across every channel.

Imagine using analytics to:

  • Identify the customer journey that leads to more sales.

  • Select the images and offers that will resonate with buyers.

  • Use real-time personalisation tools to present content to the right audience.

  • Analyse campaign performance to assess the impact of tweaking content rules.

  • Tailor the journey to each person’s needs, beyond single products or services.

  • Build connections that withstand the changing dynamics of an evolving marketplace.



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Creating consistent customer experiences becomes more challenging each day. More channels, more data, it’s almost impossible to find the insight you need hidden deep in an  ocean of data. Adding Watson's cognitive learning to everyday marketing tasks can be a game changer.

Watson’s extraordinary capabilities can help you to learn, understand and advise. When you unleash the power of Watson, you can illuminate insights from data that others can't even see helping every campaign become stronger and more successful.

Watson AI is leading the way with a proven solution to help you extract more value from your data. Deliver personalised experiences,  enrich interactions, recommend with confidence, and assess and preempt disruptions.

Customer Insights

Harness data across the entire customer journey, forming a 360° view of your customers - without going to a data analyst. Uncover relevant insights and recommendations that get smarter with each interaction so you can create the ideal combination of interactions that drive conversion and build loyalty.

Personalised Marketing

See your customers as individuals and deliver a seamless customer experience. With Watson the power of data is in your hands. Identify the best offers and content for each customer and orchestrate unified campaigns, online and offline.

Campaign automation

Automate your campaigns with the power to mid-course correct campaigns based on changing customer response or redefined business goals -  get campaigns back on track while they're in progress.

Join us on the 18th April at The Collective London to hear more about ‘Taking digital marketing to the next level with AI’.

This free event is designed for marketing professionals who want to get more out of their data, build closer relationships with their customers and do more with their marketing budget.

You’ll hear from expert speakers from IBM and our specialist Business Partners, CVM People, GBG Group and Purple Square Consulting. Over the afternoon we’ll tackle the issues that matter to marketers including, trends, the future of marketing technology and what’s possible.

After the event there will be time to meet the Arrow, IBM and Business Partner teams and get hands on with Watson apps - all whilst enjoying pizza and an AI designed drink or two.




3:30pm - 3:45pm

Welcome, Arrow

3:45pm - 4:15pm

Art of the possible, Derick Wiesner

4:15pm - 4:45pm

Cognitive technology insights, Imran Choudhary

4:45pm - 5:15pm

The future of marketing powered by Watson, Nick Noble

5:15pm - 5:45pm

The customer engagement conversation, Q&A

5:45pm - 7:00pm

Pizza, networking and get hands on with the tech