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Mojo Cognitive WiFi with Alexa Integration

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Did you know you can add a voice to your Mojo live network test using Mojo RESTful APIs and Alexa?

The power of Mojo APIs can be harnessed to build a variety of useful applications. One such application is an Alexa skill that can provide a voice interface for Mojo Cognitive WiFi.

You can build an Alexa skill that runs a live client connectivity test for any of your network locations and then tells you the results.

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For any partner that embraces this technology integration, Arrow ECS is giving away an Amazon Echo Dot with every closed deal.

Terms and Conditions

  • Qualifying deals must include 20 Mojo Access Points or above
  • Limited availability. Incentive will end once all the Alexa Dots have been allocated
  • Maximum of 5 Alexa Dots per participating partner

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