Using Microsoft 365 to Address Key Compliance and GDPR Challenges

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Companies of all sizes need to protect their data. With the advent of GDPR this has never been more important. The fines for non-compliance are large and your customers need your support to ensure they fulfil their obligations.

Microsoft 365 offers a comprehensive toolset that simplifies the compliance journey. Watch this On-Demand webinar now to find out how to position your organisation as a trusted advisor in this area through a partnership with Microsoft & Arrow.

Why Watch?

During this in-depth, 1hr session we demonstrate the functions of Microsoft 365 that specifically address the challenges surrounding GDPR & compliance:

  • Identify, classify, protect and monitor all sensitive data, including that which isn’t held or created in Microsoft 365.
  • Conduct real-time risk assessments delivering a simple to understand score that reflects compliance performance and benchmarks customer performance against similarly sized organisations.
  • Better understand cloud usage and gain deep visibility of usage and shadow IT.
  • Use machine learning to generate event based rules that help to retain important data, for a relevant time period, and eliminate trivial, redundant and obsolete data that could cause risk if compromised.
  • Be sure of the highest levels of built in security and compliance for the apps, services and devices that are used every day.

If you want to find out how Microsoft 365 will generate your organisation new customers and more revenue watch today!

Watch the introductory compliance videos or view the on-demand comprehensive webinar today: