How Happy Is London?

By measuring and analysing multiple, freely available data sources, Arrow has created a Happiness Indicator of London, which is refreshed every minute of every day.

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We wanted to contribute to the growing debate about the power of Big Data and large-scale analytics to improve business decision-making.

The How Happy Is London? project demonstrates best practice and offers an engaging, real-world example of the power of Big Data. It shows what can happen when you input and analyse massive volumes of apparently unconnected data from structured and unstructured data sources connected to London, and generate output that gives at-a-glance answers.

In this case, we created a scale of happiness for the city that answers the question: how happy is London?

A Framework for Partners

We’ve invested resources in How Happy Is London? with the sole purpose of helping our channel partners and their customers to develop their own best practices. From the technologies available in our BI portfolio, to open access to the algorithms we’ve created, we’ve built an invaluable framework for delivering BI projects.

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London, UK. – May 22, 2017: David Fearne named winner of the Software and Services category at the Data 50 Awards. The Data 50 Awards, organised by Information Age magazine, celebrates excellent data leadership amongst the leading individuals and companies in the sector and recognises those driving innovation and business value in the enterprise. The award follows the initial launch of the project, How Happy Is…? in London in 2016.

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