Improving visibility and performance on the network with a leading monitoring and recording solution.

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What does Endace do?

Endace provides solutions which allow organisations to monitor, troubleshoot and protect their high performance and complex networks.

100% accurate network recording

A truly accurate network recording provides the ability to visualise, search and retrieve data packets to allow speedy identification and resolution of network or security issues, monitor performance metrics in real time and reconfiguration to improve utilisation.

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Arrow ECS is an expert in networking and security, with deep understanding of the marketplace and its key partners.

Arrow carefully selects the best vendors, with market leading solutions which will increase customer satisfaction, expand channel partners product offerings and importantly, improve revenue opportunities for channel partners.


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EndaceProbe Network Recorders are 100% accurate in capturing, indexing and storing network traffic, regardless of traffic types, network speeds or loads.

EndaceVision Network Visualisation works with EndaceProbe Network Recorders to allow network engineers and security analysts to search, visualise and interrogate historical network traffic when investigating network related issues.

EndaceFlow NetFlow Generators deliver 100% accurate NetFlow data and operate without affecting the performance of switches and routers.

EndaceAccess Head-Ends take in 40GbE and 100GbE network traffic and load balance it over multiple 10GbE ports to allow organisations with 10GbE network visibility tools to maximise their investment in those tools.

The EndaceCMS Central Management Server provides a powerful centralised management tool for EndaceProbe, EndaceFlow and EndaceAccess appliances.

Endace DAG (Data Acquisition and Generation) Data Capture Cards guarantee 100% packet capture on any network regardless of packet size, interface type, or network load.

Endace GPS Time Receivers, and EndaceTDS Time Distribution Servers allow time signals to be synchronised simultaneously across multiple capture points.