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What does Extreme Networks do?

With a range of solutions designed to maximise the effectiveness of customers’ networks, from edge to data centre, Extreme Networks helps organisations to reduce cost and complexity, increase security and accelerate transformation.

Transform the network edge, campus and data centre

Extreme’s Smart OmniEdge network solution can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, providing a wired or wireless infrastructure that secures and unifies networking at the edge, assisted with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Extreme’s Automated Campus solution offers a unified wired or wireless network which allows faster deployment of applications, and complete visibility of all applications. Automation streamlines changes, provisioning and user management and increases security levels.

At the data centre, Extreme’s Agile Data Centre solutions allow organisations to automate key network functions across domains, allowing the rapid deployment of services.

Across the network infrastructure, from edge to data centre, Extreme Networks offers visibility and insight using analytics at a granular level to help customers make better, data-driven decisions.

Working with Arrow

Arrow has a knowledgeable and experienced data centre division, a leading cloud offering, security and data intelligence practices, with a keen focus on emerging and next-generation technology. Arrow only works with the leading vendors in the market, and actively seeks out the best solutions to bring to the channel that will expand your product portfolios and improve revenue opportunities whilst transforming your customers’ operations.

Arrow adds further value to Extreme Networks partners by:

  • Providing access to the Extreme Networks Partner Programme for invaluable resources, materials and rewards
  • Equipping Extreme Networks partners with the knowledge and expertise they need to sell solutions
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the offering
  • Offering cross-solution knowledge and expertise to help partners solve complex customer challenges
  • Generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Responding quickly to partner needs through pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team

Partner Resources

For more information about Extreme Networks or to find out more about data centre solutions from Arrow, call us on 01638 569666

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ExtremeAnalytics, provides real time granular insights into application use patterns, for enhanced security and performance optimisation.

SessionDirector optimises the sessions and traffic generated by monitoring and analytics tools to ensure they run without interruption or impacting network performance for other applications.

VisibilityManager centralises and simplifies the management of network visibility tools, integrating with existing toolchains and workflows and allowing the speedy deployment of new tools.

Virtual Packet Brokers provide comprehensive network visibility, monitoring and automation features to optimise virtual networks.

Physical Packet Brokers allow real time traffic visibility, tool flow and load balancing capabilities for physical networks.

ExtremeCloud is a flexible cloud network that grows with an organisation, is simple to set up and needs fewer IT resources.

Extreme Management Center allows 360degree visibility and control across an organisation’s network.

Extreme Location provides accurate location information to enable organisations to personalize services for their customers and gain deeper understanding of the performance of their locations.

Workflow Composer and Workflow Composer Automation automate the entire network lifecycle, freeing up management time and improving business and technology agility.

Extreme Defender for IoT provides secure connections for IoT devices that don’t have security embedded.

ExtremeControl provides in-depth endpoint visibility and granular levels of control over users and devices. ExtremeControl supports secure guest access and BYOD strategies and secures IoT devices.

Identity Engines enable secure network access depending on a user’s role.

Information Governance Engine automates network configurations to meet HIPAA, PCI and GDPR regulations, providing baselines and ongoing reporting.

Extreme NSight provides realtime, deep network visibility and analytics, with visualisation tools via a responsive user interface.

Extreme Guest allows organisations to provide customisable, flexible wireless access solutions to their visitors and customers. Access is by self-registration, the solution is scalable up to 10 million guests and deep analytics can help personalize or improve the guests’ experience.

Extreme AirDefense is a wireless intrusion prevention system which accurately detects wireless vulnerabilities and unusual network activity to keep the network secure and compliant.

The ExtremeSwitching range spans from edge to campus to the data centre, providing better performance and enabling business transformation for customers.

The ExtremeRouting range scales from the enterprise data centre to the cloud co-location or network exchange.

ExtremeMobility encompasses a range of controllers and indoor and outdoor access points for campus, private cloud data centre or IoT deployments.