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Easily scale and manage big data deployments.

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Simplicity and Automation

Gemini Data provides an analyst platform to rapidly deploy, manage and achieve true situational awareness across leading data and security solutions.

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Gemini Data makes it easy to scale and manage big data deployments. Gemini integrates high performance storage, an optimised and security hardened operating system and an easy to use GUI that simplifies the deployment and day to day operations of big data software.

Using Splunk solutions, the Gemini SBOX Appliance can help provide speed, simplicity and security to accelerate the time to value for analysts for any use case.

Working with Arrow

As one of Gemini Data’s largest and longest standing distribution partners, Arrow can provide partners with a wide range of value-added services to help support and expand your portfolio:

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The Gemini Enterprise provides the complete infrastructure for big data needs:

Cloud or on-prem appliance that features disk, processing, and a secured operating environment
Simplified deployment and management via an easy to use web based interface
The Gemini Integration Center which provides rapid deployment of value-added big data apps.

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