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Using finance to win business and make happy customers.

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Arrow ECS Financial Services

Using finance to win business and make happy customers.

Increasingly, cash conscious customers want to avoid the burden of heavy capital expenditure and expect more flexible ways to get the technology they need to run their business. Funding IT as an operational expense is going mainstream, especially as cloud services drive new payment models and consumption-based tariffs.

It’s easy to overlook, but coming up with the right financial option is just as important as the rest of the solution you’re offering. In fact, neglecting it might actually compromise business you hope to win. However, get your arrangements right and there are big gains for both you and your customer including:


  • Greater margin potential
  • Get paid faster - typically 5 days after delivery 
  • More cash means you can sell more
  • Retain and expand your customer base
  • Minimise financial exposure
  • An additional credit facility, separate to your existing Arrow credit line

Your Customer

  • Enable customers to get more of the technology they need
  • Access to better technology than they otherwise might have considered
  • Tax efficient acquisition of technology
  • Avoid upfront expenditure and spread payments

Arrow offers simple, but flexible funding solutions for partners to build into their day-to-day business.

Importantly, all funding solutions are underwritten by Arrow Capital Solutions and not handed-off to other third-party funders. This means should you or your customer ever have an issue, you only need make one call to us.

We understand it takes time to build your confidence in what can feel like a daunting new area.  However, we provide comprehensive training, regular leasing clinics and specific Leasing Dealer Days to enable you to sell finance more confidently.

Whilst our aim is to make you as self-sufficient as possible, we are always on-hand to support and represent you.

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If you would like to know more about our funding solutions, either speak to your Arrow Account Manager or give us a call on on 0800 983 2525.

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Financing can be daunting, Arrow aim to help our partners in the channel understand financing. Read our Top 10 Financing Tips.

Apply to any combination of hardware, software or services and enable your customer to pay for their solution in stages.

A unique solution to Arrow, we can create a consumption-based funding model for anything you sell that can be measured. 

Schools are legally obligated to use an ‘operating lease’ as an alternative. We can provide partners with a mechanism to offer this so solutions can be paid for incrementally. This presents an opportunity to upsell insurance, support and other extras that might otherwise be dismissed based on affordability.

A facility to fund only part of the value of the total solution, leaving a residual value.  At the end of the agreement there are a number of options. Firstly, the customer can pay off the residual value by continuing to pay the same rental price. Alternatively, the customer can request a Fair Market Price from Arrow.  Finally, Arrow can take back the equipment and the customer owes nothing.