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Digital is highly accessible compared with traditional marketing, making it easy to publish the occasional blog post, send out random tweets, experiment with pay-per-click advertising… But to maximise the power of digital, you need an annualised plan that keeps the momentum going, and where all elements work collectively to establish you as the technology provider to turn to when there’s budget to invest.

Here at Arrow, we can advise and guide you on the best way to approach digital marketing within your time and budget constraints. We can walk you through the digital assets that are readily available to Arrow channel partners to use in their campaigns, and offer workshops that introduce the principles and practice of digital marketing.

It’s impossible to stay up to date in every single aspect of digital marketing – the landscape changes too rapidly. So we have also developed strong partnerships with B2B digital agencies who live and breathe their chosen digital specialisms.

They can identify your online requirements, create integrated digital campaigns to drive incremental business, and use sophisticated automation to monitor and measure ROI.

The advent of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) has radically changed the way you can reach out to and engage customers, allowing ever more targeted communications that deliver personalised location based content to prospects. Today’s IT buyers want a simple, streamlined user experience with content they can consume on the move.

If you're not seriously planning your digital strategy, you risk being left behind.

Here are some of the proven techniques that build relationships and revenues. New tools are emerging all the time, so this isn’t a definitive list:

  • Formulating your digital strategy – We’ll work with you to create a holistic strategy to maximise your resources and meet your commercial objectives.
  • Web and mobile development– We’re long past the tipping-point at which mobile access overtook fixed internet access: how much of your traffic comes from mobile and what do visitors see? When optimised for mobile, your website has the potential to be a sophisticated digital marketing tool for creating a dialogue with your customers.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising – Drive traffic to your website by building a targeted, managed PPC campaign, where you can set budgets, monitor click-through rates and effectively measure ROI.
  • Search engine marketing and website optimisation – Our partner agencies can develop effective search engine campaigns. An analysis of your web-based assets from the customer’s perspective will identify any existing blocks to converting interest into action.
  • Online customer intelligence – How much do you know about your online visitors? Why do they seek you out and what do they view and download? Deep insight into your customers’ thoughts, behaviour and online needs will help you to market your business better. We can help you with prospect identification and customer journey mapping, taking account of the huge impact of mobile.
  • Heat mapping – Track the performance of your website and visualise how it’s being accessed. Colour-coding shows at a glance which areas are attracting traffic and which are missing the mark, so you can edit your content and view the impact straight way.

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