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Today’s world is increasingly driven by data. Transform that data into actionable business knowledge.

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Data Intelligence Solutions

Putting data to work for better business results

The average organisation has more data than ever, and arguably that’s just the structured, traditional data they know about – before they’ve even considered emerging data sources like social media, machines, clouds or the Internet of Things.


Making sense of this data through modern Data Intelligence can help organisations realise extraordinary benefits including:

  • Improvements in competitiveness
  • Faster time to value through better decision making
  • Smarter responses to business change
  • Greater business performance




Arrow’s Competitive Advantage

Arrow has built a dedicated solution practice that enables our partners to deliver solutions that make these benefits possible. We’ve combined a comprehensive portfolio of technology with first-class expertise to help you with every component of your Data Intelligence solution.

This end-to-end capability is no better demonstrated than through our imaginative How Happy is London experiment – a real-world example of how Data Intelligence can be deployed to tackle a Big Data challenge.  


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Collect data from all needed sources – from IoT to social media.

Building appropriate storage repositories to hold practically any type of data.

Manage and prepare data for use across a wide variety of user types.

Deploying the tools and methodologies that turn raw data into business information including exploration, discovery, data preparation and analytics, often occurring in real-time.

Enabling decision makers to see analytics presented visually, so they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. Allowing them then make data-driven decisions in real time.

Ensuring that wherever corporate-relevant data is stored it’s secure from both internal and external threats, using the most robust security portfolio in the world.