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Reduce costs and complexity, improve performance and application availability and integrate resources.

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NextGen Data Centre Solutions

We help you decipher what’s relevant to your customer, match their objectives with the right solutions and then seamlessly integrate what is needed.

Today, your customers are looking for solutions to improve efficiency and operations in their data centres. They are tired of building their own solutions along with the interoperability and testing headaches that come along with it.

Whether you’re exploring fully converged systems like VxBlock and VxRack from Dell EMC, hyper-converged systems from Nutanix and HPE, or proven reference architectures like FlexPod from NetApp, Arrow is ready to help you navigate the infrastructure waters.

When it comes to Next Generation Data Centre Solutions, Arrow has the sales and technical expertise to help you close more deals.

For many of your customers, seeing is believing and leveraging our skilled pre-sales support team, coupled with our solutions labs (whether in person or remotely) for design, demo, testing and proof of concept, can help you.

Business comes first – now organisations can build a data centre that works the way they want it to, not the way technology dictates.

Easier management – built-in software, all data centre resources are provisioned, monitored and scaled from one platform.

Waste eliminated – pooling every resource ensures every investment is maximised. 

Faster time to value –flexibility and automation underpin agility and the ability to deliver services faster than ever.

Anything-as-a-service – the principles of automation and orchestration can be applied to every service workflow, extending benefits even further.

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As data growth shows no sign of receding and data becomes ever more unstructured, the pressing need for storage continues. Storage isn't just about capacity, however.

Instead, it's about smart data retention.

Today, we help our partners integrate storage into modern infrastructure architectures, our skills are called upon to assist with:

  • Maximising existing investments and identifying "dark" storage
  • Recommending suitable technologies
  • Assessing performance requirements
  • Formulating solutions that match demands
  • Planning current to future-state migration paths
  • Design, delivery and support of solutions

Arrow’s line-up of enterprise software providers and the ecosystem of complementary technologies and support we wrap around them puts us in prime position to assist our partners with a variety of software projects.

  • Infrastructure Management - from smarter systems monitoring to data protection
  • Database - the systems necessary to retain and manage operational data
  • Middleware - to join together software systems and databases to create valuable workflows
  • Applications - line-of-business or mission-critical software tied into daily business operations

Despite the clamour for cloud, there is no question that on-premise environments will continue to play a significant role in the IT strategy for a great many organisations, especially as hybrid infrastructures become the norm. Server technology, therefore, remains a fundamental component of the platform tasked with delivering the services an organisation depends on.

Arrow has built world-class relationships with many of the manufacturers responsible for driving next-generation innovation in this space. We’ve invested heavily in expertise so we bring:

  • Hands-on knowledge of the technologies
  • Insight into configurations and sizing considerations
  • Capability to design, implement and support solutions
  • Skills integrating into common and complex environments
  • Cross-technology knowledge and proven blueprints

Taking what virtualisation software has done for servers and applying it to other components of the data centre provides the opportunity to fundamentally change how IT services are delivered, transforming the data centre into an open environment built for innovation.

  • Compute – virtualisation of compute resources and the use of hyper-converged technologies to build reliable infrastructure at scale.
  • Management – critical to enabling the software-defined data centre and powering the orchestration and automation that makes it possible.
  • Security – implanting security within the very fabric of the data centre instead of at the perimeter.
  • Storage – pooling storage capacity, identifying new storage efficiencies and matching workload characteristics to the most suitable resources.
  • Networking – enabling applications and the network to collaborate to improve quality of service and optimise resources.

Organisations want to make the workplace somewhere that people feel inspired and have the freedom to innovate. Accordingly, cultures surrounding the workplace are changing; no longer is it identified as a specific place, where a specific machine is used for specific things. The workplace now means anywhere working, which in turn means connecting users with applications and data through any device they desire.

  • Application Virtualisation & Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Containerisation
  • Security
  • Content Management
  • Application Management
  • Mobile Device Management

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